Morocco, situated on the far north-west of the African continent, is a land that goes from seaside, to mountain range, to expanses of desert. From the grungy smells of Casablanca, to the classic souks of Marrakesh, to the blue buildings of Chefchaouen, all the way to the sandy dunes of the Sahara desert…it’s a wild place, and a favorite travel destination of many people worldwide.

I first went to Morocco in 2016. It’s not a large country, so it’s fairly easy to see a lot of it in a short period, which is why it’s a popular vacation spot for Europeans. Just a couple hours flight from Barcelona, you can go from labyrinthine souks to endless dunes within a half-day.

This guide to Morocco travel will help you find the best experiences, and avoid the bad ones. We’ll go over must-sees, and must-avoids, and help you travel Morocco without falling for too many tourist scams.